Nike Are Going All Stranger Things On Us

Nike are really spoiling all the Stranger Things Fans out there with this fantastic range. Full disclosure they are marketing all this gear as the missing 1980’s shipment that has mysteriously just turned up. Which as a giant fan of all things 1980’s suits me just fine. First up are the Red Cortez, Steve’s show of choice, which are just goregous looking and would be my top pick if not for the next shoe.

The sneaker store worked on a special ‘Upside Down’ iteration of the Nike Tailwind 79, worthy of any spy. At first glance they seem pretty normal but if your willing to alter them you will find a pleasant surprise. 

  • The grey upper can be set alight, burning away to reveal the show’s logo at the heel tabs.

  • The insoles lift up to reveal some clever secret that will be familiar to any true fan

  • You can even find the Russian code uncovered by Steve, Dustin and Robin. (In English and Russian)


And if you want more, there are four other designs on offer:


Finally if that isn’t enough they have a few other treats for you all to get:


Sadly this is an American only exclusive, which to me is kind of stupid, the show has a massive international fan base and Nike are really missing out on this. Hopefully they will learn for next time.

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