Tifa Lockhart Is Blowing Up Twitter

Looks like Final Fantasy VII has got someone in their corner, Tifa Lockhart!

Tifa Lockhart has always been considered one of the sexiest characters in video game history. Yes she had the body and wore a kind of skimpy outfit but she never came off as slutty. Plus she was the kind of girl that could easily kick your ass. These all mixed together to create a women that most men and quite a few women would die for, though only Final Fantasy fans really knew who she was. I guess things have finally changed as It seems that the rest of the internet has woken up to the same conclusion that so many of us nerds had way back in 1997. 

Of course this has all been triggered by the release of the newest Final Fantasy trailer, which finally revealed what the bodacious badass is going to look like. From what I can gather Twitter bloody well loves her…

The sheer quality of work that has gone into bringing this iconic women to life is insane. They have maintained the origianls ideas where she was sexy and a lil skimpy but never slutty. It is almost like she is a true celebration of the female form and one that can be admired without being ogled, Before you all judge me, need I remind you the men in this series all have idealized bodies too, because lets face it video games are all about the fantasy and not the reality.

Honestly the fans seems to be enjoying it and that is really all that matters. It really looks like Square Enix have pulled this one off.

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