Things To Do At MCM London When You Hate Waiting In Line

I hate standing in line, I will do it, but there is only so much a man can take, so why bother?

Let’s face it when you are at a convention your going to be waiting in long lines all day, FALSE!

MCM London has plenty of alternate options on hand for the exhausted and drained attendee, who just cannot take another long line.

1. Try one of the smaller stages.

Yes the convention has two big stages with some amazing guests but why not check out their smaller stages. Such as the live stage on the main floor, which has produced so many great moments, like having Tom Ellis play guitar for the crowd back in 2018.

Or maybe that is to main stream for you – well how about heading to the cosplay stage and gaining some great new skills in how to craft foam armour?

Not to forget the pop Asia stage for interviews with Japanese game developers and dance numbers. If the crowds are too much then the cinema bus could also be a great alternative.

2. Explore Artist Alley

I love to do this at conventions. Just dander round and grab some great pieces of art to add to my walls. I would personally advise checking out Destiny Blues stall as her work is just stunning plus she is always a delight to chat with.

3. Find a good photo opportunity

If you follow our Instagram you will know there is a full sized Lego D.Va on display, but you could find lots of other treats if you are willing to look.

4. Sit under a tree and build some Lego.

Yes this one is a little weird but if you need to unwind you can find these two right beside each other. A place to build and a place to chill.

5. Meet one of your favourite Authors.

Pop over to Forbidden Planets stand and check out who is signing and when.


6. Give VR A Chance

I am not here to argue the positives or negatives of Virtual Reality but there are several options on hand, with Play Station, Syfy and BBC all trying to grab your attention. You might need to book a time slot but it will be worth it. (If that is not your cup of tea then there is a lot of traditional gaming on offer too.)


7. Get Some Food

We already have an article on this but I cannot stress it enough there are a lot of fantastic food options for you to try.


8. Do Some Shopping

Why not go spend some money on things you do not really need, but kind of want?

It is what I did and I have no regrets.


9. Head outside and chill 

I ended up just chilling on the grass outside for quite a while, talking to like minded people and enjoying the sun. It is a really fun atmosphere and absolutely one of my biggest highlights from the weekend.


So if you do not get into the panel you wanted or can not be bothered with photos then do not forget there is always lots to do and a lot more to be seen.

So nerds go have some fun!

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