MCM London 2019, what Is There To Eat?

As conventions go MCM London is better equipped than most to deal with their vast amount of guests. It has plenty of toilets, great transportation, security that actually do their job and of course plenty of food and beverage options.

I will kick things off with the Asian section. You cannot miss this area as it is pretty big.

With a fantastic selection of almost kinda healthy foods from Japan how can you say no?

And just so you know we decided to treat ourselves to some octopus balls. Which by the way where delicious.

After that we had ourselves a nice refreshing treat. Granted it was not really my thing, but my partner really enjoyed it.

For me, it was all about heading outside to grab a nice refreshing  ice cream and bask in the sublime atmosphere. But that was put on hold till we grabbed a Belgium waffle.

Of course if your a fan of treating yourself and let’s face it, we all are, then why not grab a donut (pro tip head outside and access the donut truck there as the line is always shorter).

If that is not your thing and your sweet tooth still hungers then have no fear, for plenty of the stalls have a fantastic selection of candies from across the globe.

If this all sounds like effort then you can grab yourself a pint and pizza or a burger near the main stage or behind the Japanese food sections. The London Excel even has a great selection of places to eat in the main entryway.

So happy hunting and folks remember to eat something. You will regret if if you don’t.

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