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FOX TV Promo Reviews 2019-2020

FOX is the second network to showcase their new series at Upfronts. They delivered several promos in a range of genres including a psychological police procedural, a family sitcom, a sci-fi drama and an animated comedy. With so much variation, FOX has ensured that there will be something for everyone, and with such great promos, we think audiences will be very entertained this year. 

Bless the Harts

What’s it about: An animated series following a group of broke Southerners who are chasing the American dream. 

What we think: It’s difficult to judge this one as FOX didn’t give a full trailer. Instead there was a clip in the middle of a FOX animation promo. The clip itself wasn’t that funny and it didn’t really give a sense of what the show is about. However, with a cast that includes comedy legends Maya Rudolph, Kristen Wiig and Ike Barinholtz, the show has a great shot at to being one of the funniest comedies premiering this year.

Excitement Factor: 3/5


What’s it about: An arcane rules forces a tough lawman into the world of politics as he has to take on the job of LA County Sheriff. 

What we think: This promo was full of clichés, not that that’s necessarily a bad thing. There was lots of action scenes, tons of guns, cheesy lines, and a hero that doesn’t follow the rules. It’s all been done before but from the trailer it seems like it will be done well. There is a grittiness to it that gives rise to real potential, although I fear that that would be better explored on cable. Stephen Dorff is an effective lead, his performance on True Detective will serve him well here. However, with a midseason start, the show will have to fight to stand out from the pack. 

Excitement Factor: 3.5/5

Filthy Rich 

What’s it about: When the creator of a successful Christian television network suddenly dies, his family learn that he fathered three illegitimate children who are all written into the will. 

What we think: This show looks so trashy… the best possible way. It’s giving off Dynasty vibes (intentionally, I think) and has perfectly cast the formidable Kim Catrall as the bitchy matriarch. From the promo, it was definitely style over substance which may provide problematic if they decide to run the whole show that way. They may need to deliver something deeper to keep audiences watching so it’ll be interesting to watch how they play character development. 

Excitement Factor: 4/5


What’s it about: A Silicon Valley genius joins forces with a cybercrime agent when one of his own A.I. creations threatens global catastrophe. 

What we think: Technology taking over may not be the most original concept but it seems more relevant than ever in today’s society. And given that this will take the form of a television series, instead of a film like I,Robot or Terminator, which will allow for both character and story development, I’m all in for the idea. The promo doesn’t give too much away which is frustrating but also very smart as it’s made me want to watch the pilot that much more. Pairing with the intriguing trailer is John Slattery as the enigmatic lead. It’s about time he had his own show and I’m excited to see where he and the writers take this story. 

Excitement Factor: 4/5

Not Just Me 

What’s it about: After discovering her father used his own sperm to conceive at least 100 children in his career as a fertility doctor, a young woman unites with two half sisters she never knew she had. 

What we think: The opening scene of the promo immediately made me fall in love with Brittany Snow’s character which is no easy feat in a 3-minute trailer. This seems to be one of the show’s biggest strengths – strong, likeable, relatable characters whom you root for. And they’ve picked a great trio of actresses to lead. Sure, the premise is a bit wacky, and the promo didn’t do the best job in explaining it. However, it didn’t really decrease my enjoyment. This show has real potential, especially if the pilot is as good as the promo. 

Excitement Factor: 4.5/5


What’s it about: Follows a down to earth couple who are trying to raise their four children – three of whom are geniuses.  

What we think: Another day, another family sitcom. The promo itself wasn’t bad. In fact, there were quite a few laughs and the chemistry between the actors is strong. But we’ve seen it all before, and there’s no new twist. Fans of this style of show will love it, but it may struggle to convince other viewers. With an abundance of comedies premiering this television season, it will have to deliver high quality episodes to stand out from the crowd. 

Excitement Factor: 2.5/5

Prodigal Son 

What’s it about: A criminal psychologist helps the NYPD solves crimes whilst trying to deal with his infamous serial killer father, “The Surgeon”. 

What we think: This is what I’ve been waiting for – a promo that leaves me thinking about it afterwards. There’s so many great things to mention: the layered characters, the copycat serial killer angle, the questionable mental state of the lead, the way they shot it, the colour palette, and of course Michael Sheen. Sheen seems to be in his absolute element and it shows. He’s absolutely fantastic in the role, and I hope we see more of him in the pilot. There’s nothing really bad to say about this trailer, it’s the best one of Upfronts so far. 

Excitement Factor: 5/5

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