Three Reasons To watch Crawl

I am not a huge fan of traditional horror, I find the genera a little over played and I am a not the biggest fan of jump scares. Saying that every now and again something comes out that incites my interests, crawl is one such film. Crawl see’s a young women and her father trapped in a slowly flooding house as alligators begin to hunt them.

So why does this interest me?

Well because it is not completely impossible, highly unlikely, but not impossible.

The film even brings into the light some of our opinions on climate change, after all we do live in a world where we see more and more flooding every year. Not only that but we are continuing to encroach on the territories of wildlife, wildlife that may not want us there. For a third reason I will also say that I do love Jaws, a film where a wild animal hunts humans, so yes there are three reasons why I am excited for this film.

Plus sometimes we just want to watch people suffer.

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  1. I saw the trailer for this the other day and it looks like it is exactly the kind of film I’d enjoy for some mindless entertainment. Hopefully I get to see it.


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