Persona 5 Royal Shows What Its Got!

By now I assume you all know that I am a huge Persona 5 fan. It will hands down remain one of my favorite gaming experiences of all time, I was generally annoyed when I completed the first game. I had built up quite the weird affinity for these fictional characters, I genuinely wanted them to succeed and be the best versions of them possible. I tried to go back and play through the original game, but honestly it just was not the same, though with Persona 5 Royal coming out I think I comfortably say that this is my jam. The game has a multitude of changes such as:

So here we go…

New Music

First off it is a minor thing but in the trailer you can hear a new theme. We don’t know the title yet, but we know the soundtrack’s singer Lyn is still on vocals. We also know series composer Shoji Meguro and Lyn are teaming up again to bring additional tunes including battle and ending themes.

New Locations

There are several new locations featured in the trailer such as Kichijoji, an aquarium and somewhere you can play darts and pool with your mates.

New Palace

If you watch the trailer carefully you can see a possible new palace, we even get a brief shot of joker using a grappling hook inside this new palace.

New Attack Animations

It seems that the game will have a bunch of new epic attack animations like the one where we see Haru surfing on top of Mona. There will be other team up attacks but it seems like our beloved Futaba will even get her own attack.

New Confident

Another member of the faculty will open up as a possible confident, which of course means new abilities for you and your team to use. This is the new school Councillor who was hired after the events of the first act, it is nice that the school bothered to try and fix the situation in this version of events.

New Character

Finally the piece of news that everyone is going crazy for. we will be gaining a new teammate in the form of Kasumi Yoshizawa. She is the obvious addition to the game and has already become a fan favorite. We know that she will be in contact with Akechi and that she is an exchange student. I guess time will tell how she further fits in with the games plot.

As for when she joins the team, it appears after Haru joins the team. Kasumi will also fight using a Winchester style rifle and and a sword. If you take a gander at the screen shots you will see that her SP is relatively low, so she may be more melee or gun focused. Though fans are worried that in the Western port she will be censored because of her more sexual look.

Of course this may be peoples odd opinions.

It looks like they have taken the original game and just turned things up from ten to eleven.

Yep… This game does look epic.

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