Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – Can EA Pull This One Off?

Step into the shoes of Cal Kestis, just your everyday average human living in a post Order 66 world. This would be fine if Cal wasn’t secretly one of the last surviving Jedi. Now you dear player will be forced to blend in and not be seen, for this Padawn is wholly unprepared for the road that lies before him. If you do not remember what Order 66 was, this was when the Emperor ordered his army of Clones to wipe out every Jedi in the universe. Of course we know several Jedi managed to survive this purge such as Yoda. Obi-Wan, Ahsoka and Caleb Dume to name a few. So the idea of a young survivor is not unheard of, choosing someone like Cal also works because he was a Padawn and thus never probably seen as a legitimate and immediate threat to galactic order, which is possibly how he slipped through the cracks.

I do like that the game seems to have Imperial Inquisitors, especially those similar in design to the inquisitors in Star Wars: Rebels. If you have not seen Rebels then you may not understand how truly terrifying the Imperial Inquisitors where, but the words ” Spinnng Double Bladed Light Sabers” should give you some idea of how scary they where. I also like how we get to see into the life of the regular imperial citizens, usually the series glosses over this to focus on the Wars, so this is a fairly unique¬†experience and one I look forward too.

I know in the past EA have let us down by effectively making games pay to play, which is kind of a dick move. This time round they have promised us this game is going to be more traditional and not involve micro-transactions. I think EA may have learned their lessons. Let us hope they really have.

Now one thing I would love to see is some sort of morality system, something where choosing to act or not act affects your outcome. I know we have seen this in games like Jedi Academy and the Force Unleashed, but that does not mean we are sick of it. Another part of the universe I would to see, is more aliens, I am a little annoyed that our hero is a white human male, even if he is played by the excellent Cameron Monaghan. It is just you have a galaxy full of Aliens, why waste your spot on a human? 

Still that really shouldn’t affect the game to much. As long as it is fun to play and has a compelling story everything it should all fall into place.



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