Gear Up For Game Of Thrones With Hot Topic

If you want to show off your Love for Game Of Thrones Hot Topic really has you covered, with their diverse range of collectibles.

Lets kick things off with the basics, if you are going to be watching Game Of Thrones you will probably want some clothing. Hot Topic have you covered there with a great assortment of tops  and some very chill sweat pants. These come in a great variety of sizes for men and women, so take your pick and see which style suits you best,

Now that you have some clothes you will probably need to make your self comfortable, because let’s face it, this final Season of Game Of Thrones is going to brutally depressing and there is nothing like a nice warm blanket to make you feel good, during those dark moments.

You got some pants on, your wrapped up in a blanket, so what’s next …

How about an awesome beer stein, to drink away your sadness and some themed candles, for the night is dark and full of terrors.

But what if some poor sap tries to stop you watching your favorite show, well fear now my friends for you can now arm yourself and kick some ass.

At this point you have the Tv on, you are reasonably dressed, a little drunk, comfortable and armed to the teeth, all you need is some viewing buddies. Why not buy some Funko, these little guys will keep you company and the best part is they will never talk over any crucial scenes.

Now your ready to “breeze” through season 8.

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