The Dead Or Alive World Championships Are About To Kickoff

That’s right folks, you heard it here Team Ninja are set to launch the Dead Or Alive 6 World Championships. This will be a global eSports competition with Qualifiers to be held across Europe, the United States and Asia. The competition will then conclude with the top players from each region duking it out live at the Finals in Japan with the equivalent of 10 million Yen (JPY) in total cash and prizes up for grabs.

By competing in the DOA6 WC, players will earn ranking points based on their tournament performance, in turn allowing them to be ranked on the official DOA6 WC leaderboard. The more ranking points a player accumulates, the higher on the leaderboard they will climb. At the end of the tournament circuit, there will be 11 placements from the three regional leaderboards, with the top five from the U.S., top three from Asia, and top three from Europe advancing to the finals. Of the remaining five qualifying spots, three will be granted to the winners of offline Fatal Match events, while the final two spots will be up for grabs at the DOA6 WC Last Chance Qualifier hosted at the DEAD OR ALIVE Festival 2019.

If like me you are interested in getting your hands on that prize money the worldwide tournament is set to begin on the 20/04/19 in Lyon, France at THE MIXUP, and continues throughout the year as players compete to earn one of 16 total spots to the DEAD OR ALIVE 6 World Championship Finals and their shot to be crowned the DEAD OR ALIVE 6 Grand Champion. Key tournament stops in Europe include The MIXUP 2019 in Lyon, France (20th-21st April 2019), VSFighting 2019 in Birmingham, UK (20th-21st July) and the Ultimate Fighting Arena 2019 in Paris, France (27th-29th September 2019).

 For more information on the DEAD OR ALIVE 6 World Championship and schedule click here and beyond that good luck to you all.

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