Should You Really Be Offended By Captain Marvel?

SINGLE WHITE MEN START RUNNING, Brie Larson is starring in another movie, take cover or her liberated vagina may kill you :p   (This is sarcasm just in case I have offended anyone)

As you can see I am so not taking this seriously, because this is literally one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. People are boycotting Captain Marvel and the film has not even come out yet.  The reason for this seems to come down to the fact that it’s Brie Larson in the titular role. I personally don’t think it would have been such a big deal had Disney’s marketing team not rammed this down our throats, you know the fact that this is their first female lead role. (Do not get me wrong the fact that Marvel have a female lead film is a big deal, but it should have come sooner with Black Widow) Though a cynical part of me wonders did Disney do this to cause a backlash from sexist men to help increase the hype for the film?

They have done this before…

Still diversity is important, people forget that and having a female lead shows young girls that they can grow up to be more than a side character in a mans life. A lot of people will underestimate how powerful a fictional character can be to someones life.

For the most part I have seen three main reason why people hate on Brie Larson and of course in all of them there is a the tinniest sliver of truth, but when you start looking into it, things falls apart.

  • First off some people hate that she is a feminist. From what I can see she definitely is an advocate for women’s rights, especially assault victims, but I have seen her label herself as someone who is fighting for Gender Equality and sorry to my fellow men out there but women are definitely in the inequality half of society’s equation. Yes things are better now than they used to be but things still need to be improved.

  • So a few years back while on a press tour Brie Larson noticed that everyone interviewing her was a white male, she looked into this and actively took strides to add more diversity. Apparently this makes her racist and also even more of a sexist. She did not do this to hate on white men, she did this to give other people opportunities. I know as a white man there is part of you that could be offended at this but step out of your shoes for a second and think about everyone else. This is not racism, she was doing the morally right thing!

  • Finally she apparently is a bad actor based on the trailer, seriously that is stupid. Watch the film then make your decision and also people who say she should smile more in the trailer are being kind of ignorant. She is playing the role of a Amnesiac Brainwashed Alien Super Soldier, I doubt they are big on smiles. (If you are wondering why I am not mentioning her Oscar win, it’s because as we all know that can sometimes mean nothing)

Beyond the hate for Brie Larson there has also been a lot of hate for her character. I have seen people complaining that the character is a violent, rude, alcoholic, arrogant, apparently beats up single mothers, imprisons people against their wills and disrespects Captain America. This apparently makes her both a terrible character and unworthy of the being Captain Marvel. So first off I think we can attribute a lot of those things to Tony Stark, except beating up an innocent women, though he has been awful to others. As for being worthy of being Captain Marvel there have been plenty of characters with that name, the original possibly being played by Jude Law in this film (They say its Yon Rogg but I am not trusting Marvel on that).

Of course there is the Shazam film coming out later this year. For those who do not know Shazam used to be called Captain Marvel. To save confusion he is now known as Shazam. He is a big lovable goofball who is pure of heart and always fights for the right reasons.Many people think that this is the true Captain Marvel, but I hate to tell you best case scenario he is DC’s true Captain Marvel, worst case he is just Shazam – so please do not make this argument.

At the end of the day this is a fucking movie, if the thought of a blockbuster movie upsets you then please seek help. Do not get me wrong you are allowed to hate films, but if you are someone out there that thinks a film offends you so much that you need to tank it’s scores on Rotten Tomatoes then seriously rethink your life. If something is terrible sooner or later it will be seen that way like wise if its great in the long run people will notice. Love her or hate her Ms Larson is a great actor, seriously check her out in her earlier Tv work or any film she has done and Marvel know what they are doing, how many mistakes have they made? Not only that but there is a great cast with Lee Pace, Djimon Hounsou, Ben Mendelsohn, Samuel L. Jackson, Annette Bening, Clark Gregg, Jude Law and Gemma Chan so why focus on one aspect. Just go see the movie order some popcorn and switch your brain off for a few minutes.

(And if you really hate the film then just go out and see a different movie instead – after all what’s the best way to tank a film? By making it not number one at the box office, at least this way your supporting your local cinema and putting more cash into the economy)


ps – Do not call this film the worst film ever, there are far worse films out there …

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