We Got A New Game Of Thrones Trailer Breakdown

Literally getting chills just watching the new Game Of Thrones trailer and that’s not because of the impending march of the White Walkers. Below are a few key shots that have left me wondering?

The trailer kicks off with our favorite little Northern assassin running for her life. Actually looking scared, which begs the question, what has her scared?

We get a quick cut to our resident sneak and something has him terrified too

Is that Jamie talking to soldiers on one of Greyjoys vessels?

Danny and Jon appear to have cemented their relationship.

This looks like a very uncomfortable conversation, maybe this is how they find out about their relationship?

Is Gendry maybe forging the new Lightbringer, maybe he is the Prince that was promised?

Jamie on the walls of Winterfell fighting some unseen enemy, possibly the Whitewalkers.

So what’s going to happen or all these shots just big teases that are here to make us ask more questions than they answer. R’hllor knows I can barely wait to see what happens next!


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