Fundraiser To Support DestinyBlue

If ever there was an article of mine that I would want you to read then this would be it.

Dear readers an artist that I am a huge fan of needs our help. DestinyBlue is an artist that I have had the pleasure of meeting on 2 occasions, this is via working at conventions. I actually have several pieces of her art at home. She is an incredibly talented artist and a truly warm and endearing soul. That is why it is with a heavy heart that I am writing this article, just recently she survived a serious suicide attempt and any fans of hers will know that she has bravely spoken of her problems with depression, anxiety and psychosis in the past. Sadly like so many others the National Health Service has failed her, coming from a place of love her partner has started a Gofundme to help raise money for her to get the treatment she needs.

Please check out the campaign and please donate generously.


I am a cynical prick, I cannot stress that enough but just reading about her harrowing stay in an HNS run facility made me want to donate and get the word out to you all. Honestly there is nothing I can say that the Gofundme page does not and will not say better.


Please donate and spread the word. 

And if you are someone who is also suffering from suicidal thoughts and depression please know that you are not alone, there is so stigma, talk to anyone a friend, family member or even me. Most people will always want to help. Below are a few useful links:

The Samaritans

Calm – A service for men only

Papyrus – A service for under 35’s


The Silver Line – A service for older people

If you are not from the UK then please check this link and you can easily find support for any country in the world.

There are far, far better things ahead than anything we leave behind. – C. S. Lewis

I am not the first to say this but if you are looking for a sign not to kill yourself, then this is it. Never forget this world is a far better place with you in it.

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