Velvet Buzzsaw Looks Artistically Terrifying

Looks like we are going to have a creepy start to February with Velevt Buzzasw. Directed By Dan Gilroy and starting John Malkovich, Jake Gyllenhaal and Billy Magnussen Velevt Buzzsaw see’s an unknown artist seek vengeance against the greedy through their supernatural art.

If you need a reason to watch this well lets keep it simple, its a supernatural horror from the team that gave us Nightcrawler, if you have not seen that one, then you are missing out. This film just looks weird as hell plus it insults arty douche bags which helps, I say this knowing full well I actually hang out in art galleries, so I know what I am talking about. I dare say that this film will also carry a much deeper meaning behind it too, one that has yet to be revealed, This is one i think we should all watch.

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