There Is Something That Bothers Me About The New Punisher Trailer

Season two of the Punsiher looks like it is going to be pretty brutal, which is kind of me stating the obvious. So as much as I want to state how I am hyped for this series, I thought it best to point out my two criticisms (which are minor):


Ben Barnes is back as the terrifying Billy Russo. In the comics Russo is also known as Jigsaw. He has this name due to his deformed face, which looks like a patchwork or “jigsaw” if you will. Sadly it seems that Ben Barnes is just far to good looking to do this to and well who can blame them. But still it would have been nice had they messed him up just a little more.

Amy Bendix

Giorgia Whigham joins the cast as some what of a side kick to the Punisher, at least she appears to be that in the trailer. Honestly I am not happy about that, I do not think that a sidekick was needed I would much rather see Ebon Moss-Bachrach return to his role as the support for Castles one man war against crime. I worry she has been added in to satisfy a certain demographic, though I will reserve judgement till I watch it, as all reports say she is a good actor, so I doubt Netflix would waste her as simple eye candy.

In the end it is early days so I will not make any proper opinions until after I watch the series.

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