Netflix Treats Us To IO

I do not think I will ever get bored of a good post apocalyptic film and Io seems like it could tie me over to the next. Set in a world where our planet has turned against us and most of the Earth is filled with poisonous gasses Io see’s the last desperate survivors flee Earth to Jupiter’s moon of Io. The film will take place 48 hours before the final rockets launch meaning our two heroes need to make an epic journey to flee Earth.

This one is an interesting choice because unlike most of these films, the only chance to survive is to run. There is no hope, we have lost our home-world and fleeing is all we have left. The film features Anthony Mackie, who you all better know as Falcon and Margaret Qualley, many of you will know her from the Kenzo World advertisement, shown below.

It looks like this will be a very quiet film, but one I think we should all watch as it could also be very reflective. Two strong leads, a relevant premise and some stunning set peices, it looks like yes another win for Netflix !

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