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Boom! Studios: FIREFLY #2

Sorry folks I am totally late to the party on this one, I cannot believe I almost missed it. Me a self proclaimed Browncoat managed to nearly miss issue 2 of this already fantastic series. When last we left the crew of the Serenity they where stranded on a backwater moon, escorting a group of religious zealots on a pilgrimage. All the while being hunted by a large portion of the planets population and a elite group of soldiers for supposed war crimes. You know just another typical day in the life of Malcolm Reynolds.

We don’t see to much in this issue, but I feel that it is building to something. What we do see is that Zoe and Wash are terrifyingly committed to each other. Their love is truly unique, the only couple I know of willing to shoot each other out of love. Meanwhile the rest of the crew continues to do what they do best Mal is trying to hold things together, Jayne is living in the moral grey area, Shepard is well he is being the moral compass of the group, River freaks everyone out and the Dr learns a few hard truths. The book certainly lets the characters stay true to themselves but it does more than that too.

We briefly get a glimpse of Mal and Zoe in the war and it looks like they have probably committed a war crime. It something that brings great shame to them, a crime committed in bloodlust, when the rage has truly taken over and people do things they regret. I am only assuming that, because I just do not see Mal and Zoe as heartless cruel people who kill for fun, to me if they did commit this crime then they did it with a burning passion in their souls. I am not justifying war crimes here, all I am saying is sometimes there can be context and that is always important.

As for the pilgrims these dudes scare the crap out of me, they are filled with such glee when they discover that Mal and Zoe are wanted for war crimes. What the hell is wrong with these folks?

Also we have yet to discover who the true antagonists are and that has me very curious. The book is another example of why i love Boom! so much, with gorgeous artwork and a unique plot I really cannot wait to see more.

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