HBO Just Dropped A Huge Game Of Thrones Tease

If you have never heard of or watched Game Of Thrones then you are either to young or you can crawl back into your cave and stop bothering the rest of us, the show is massive and I am not sure if we will ever see one the likes of it ever again. What makes this so confusing is that the show has Dragons, Magic, Ice Zombies, Giants, Mammoths, incest, murder, intrigue and it kills off its characters regularly, how on earth did this become the most popular show on television?

Do not get me wrong but I love Game Of Thrones, I have visited several of the filming locations, read all the books, played Telltale game and I have even been in the show, yes Game of Thrones is something that I love. It’s just I am so shocked that the rest of the world loves it so much, I used to get picked on for my love of fantasy and now fantasy is beloved by all, it is just a strange world we live in and because Game Of Thrones is so popular it is not surprising that the world lost its dammed minds last night when HBO released their trailer for all of 2019’s upcoming shows, including Game Of Thrones.

We honestly see very little but what we do see is interesting. We see what appears to be the first meeting of Sansa (Sophie Turner) and Daenerys (Emilia Clark), with an always uncomfortable Jon Snow (Kit Harington) caught in the middle. We do see a very sassy Sansa which makes me wonder at this point who knows what about the bloodlines.

Sadly we will need to wait till April to find out whats really going on.

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