The New Trek Trailer Looks Out Of The World

With the newest trailer for Star Trek Discovery we get to see a show that is truly coming into it’s own. At a cursory glance you can see that set design and production have all been kicked up a notch.

Season 2 will see the crew of Discovery under the command of Captain Pike in a desperate race to locate a missing Spok and to investigate the celestial being ominously known as “the Red Angel.”

The trailer looks action packed and should have a season long story arc showing us that they know what the fans truly want. I know Star Trek is supposed to be about seeing new species and planets but we have done that 5 different series and I think at this point we are all ready for something different.

I will say this, it was  a pleasant surprise to see the return of Michelle Yeoh, after all she was one of the highlights from the first Season.

Finally we got to see out first proper look at Spok, Ethan Peck, the grandson of Gregory Peck.


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