Blizzard Tease Us With This New Epic Collectible

This latest goody from the Blizzard crowd will really make you look sharp. Then again walking around with a cyber ninjas sword is going to do wonders for your fashion sense. If you are worried about being criticized never forget a lot of people have recreations of swords from Game Of Thrones, or their own lightsaber’s, so what is so different about this?

If you think this is cool then just go get one for yourself !

If you decide to head over to Blizzards store and purchase this for yourself it comes with 1 Ultimate Genji Sword, 1 sword sheathe and 1 stand. Sword contains off/on switch to enable light-up features and creates sound upon motion activation. Button on sword handle triggers authentic SFC based on Genji’s Ultimate ability. The sword measures 48″ x 5″ with 1/2″ blade. The stand measures 20″ x 10.5″ x 6.25″. Made of PVC, ABS, alloy and electronic chips. The sword weighs 2.9lbs/1320g, the sheathe weighs .8/lbs350g and the stand weighs 1lb/468g. Batteries are included in this one, so at least that is a plus.

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