Daredevil Season Three Trailer Breakdown

We finally get our first proper look at the new season of Daredevil, but the devils over at Netflix are being crafty devils by showing us very little.

We see a bloodied and beaten Matt, held mostly in shadow, I still cannot tell are these promotional images or are they from the series. The choice of lighting is also interesting, to see Matt surrounded by darkness both symbolizes his blindness and how he is the only light in this dark world, at least in his mind.

Here we see Matt walking through a prison or jail, is he on his way to see someone as a lawyer or as Daredevil?

Judging by the white suit and the collection of fine accessories one must wonder, is this the return of the Kingpin?

Matt is back in his old black costume, I do wonder does this symbolize him stripping back to his basics and is the black there to help contrast against his rivals choice of white.

The final new shot that we are treated to is Daredevil fighting some cops, are these corrupt cops, or are they wrong fully hunting him, maybe its neither, maybe he is the one that has gone to far. The beauty of Daredevil has always been that he willing to face the darkness with his own dark nature, where as someone like Captain America stands tall as the paragon of humanities best attributes. Cap can not go where Daredevil can, he is the man that we all aspire to be, we should all want to be like Captain America, but with Daredevil he issues blind justice backed by vindicated rage, he the hero we truly need, he will dive into the gutter and claw his way through the shit of the world to protect us, even if we do not deserve it.

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