Who Are The Crane Sisters ?

Marvel truly has a plethora of characters to draw from, granted most people are only familiar with groups like the Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four etc but there is so much more when you take a deep dive and many of these characters are probably more interesting than their more famous brethren. This is why I love the Netflix series, they pull obscure characters from no where and use them in an incredibly effective manor. Take the Crane Sisters:


When we first glimpse these women they are being used to help Davos seize the power of the Iron Fist from Danny and transform him from regular man into the Steel Serpent, though to keep realism the show never calls him this. They are seen using a Japanese style of tattooing upon Davos and the whole scenario hearkens back to Macbeth meeting the Weird Sisters, they had a certain mysticism to them and gave off a creepy vibe. Then that curtain is torn away when Colleen and Misty track them down and we discover that though the girls are shady, there is nothing mystical about them.

That is what I love about the Netflix series they like to bring the realism into the more mystical side of Marvel. I would find it strange if everyone new about all the mystical stuff so this helps ground everything and make it more believable.

But who are the Crane Sisters in the comics?

They are probably based on the Crane Daughters who in the comics are from the mystical city of K’un-Zi, which is related to the city K’un-Lun, though I will not go into to much detail on that. They are all the daughters of the cities immortal ruler the Crane Mother and have the ability to turn into a crane. In the 2007 book from which they first appeared they where depicted as fanatical to Davos, willing to sacrifice themselves so he can become more powerful.

The change may have annoyed some fans but I feel like delving to far into the mythos this soon might have complicated things.

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