Could Daughters Of The Dragon Be Possible On Netflix?

Fan favorites Misty Knight and Colleen Wing prove that they don’t need any man to fight for them in this short sequence. This very unique fight see’s a one armed Misty Knight take on a group of thugs in a bar single-handedly, only getting help from her friend Colleen when one of the idiots draws a weapon. It makes me glad to see these two together and hoping that this leads too a Daughters of the Dragon 2 hour special, or full spin off,which would be very easy for Netflix to do. After all it is hard to deny the chemistry between Simone Missick and Jessica Henwick and God knows that marvel need more diversity in their films and shows, so fingers crossed that this leads to some Daughters of the Dragon action. The choice of having Misty and Colleen to wave the diversity flag is perfect ones a badass ex cop, the other is a ninja, they are both women of color and bring a unique view point to the world, I know some people get annoyed when diversity is shoe horned into a film or show, but here its natural and makes sense, so Netflix get off your asses and make this happen !

Just to give you some much needed context within marvel comics these two have been known as Daughters of the Dragon and their brief runs have always been met with critical acclaim, just sadly they never reach the same wide audience fan base as books like Spider-Man or the X-men, so I am hoping that their appearance on Luke Cage Season 2 will lead to bigger things for both these badass ladies.




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