With Netflix Voltron series being so successful the Legendary Defender of the Universe has never been so popular and with that its great to see that Bluefin, the leading North American distributor of toys, collectibles, and hobby merchandise from Japan and Asia, announced an exciting new release of the Voltron Super Mini-Pla from Bandai Shokugan brand. Based on the original anime series and not the newer Netflix one this model kit is special because it allows the Black Lion, Red Lion, Green Lion, Blue Lion, and Yellow Lion to combine together to form the iconic Voltron robot. Not only are all the Lions fully articulated and poseable but Voltron is as well. If you are the kind of collector who wants a little more then you should know that this kit comes complete with a few extra accessories, the accessories include a shield and Blazing Sword. Parts from each of the lions also may be combined to form a Shokugan original mega-blaster weapon.

As the Super Mini-Pla name implies, this compact model kits offer simple pre-colored snap-together assembly. A nipper or sprue cutter (sold separately) is highly recommended for assembly, but the kits do not require glue.

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