Kevin Smith Is Going To SDCC 2018 In Style

There is nothing quite like a comic book convention, its a great place to get together with like minded folks and share ideas and passions and there truly is no con like San Diego Comic-Con. At the risk of offending someone SDCC is the Mecca for nerd culture and I know in recent years people have complained that it’s changed but to me its still home to so many good memories. One of my favorite aspects about SDCC are the off site events, these are extra events that happen outside of the con and for the most part anyone can attend. Kevin smith is a god among Geeks and this year he will be hosting 3 separate offsite events. In past years I have been able to attend Hollywood Babble on and I will tell you this one is hilarious not only that but I have seen Jay and Silent Bob get old, also very funny, so yes if your a fan you will need to see these. The events are as follows:

1 July 19th Fatman on Batman –  Marc Bernardin teams up Kevin Smith to talk about any pop culture that has the stink of geek over it. If you are interested the show is Thursday, July 19, at 8pm. Tickets are $30 and on sale through the American Comedy Co. This event is 21 & over. There is a 2 food/drink minimum required per person during the show.

2 July 19th Jay and Silent bob get old – Jay & Silent Bob are back at SDCC. Ranked at #1 on Itunes Comedy podcasts sit back and have a look at what happens when two people grow up in Hollywood’s gaze. Thesewill be recorded as the stories evolve live in front of the audience, and released for free on Tickets are $30 and on sale at the American Comedy Co.
This is a 21+ venue.

3 July 21st Hollywood Babble on – This is one I have seen live and its worth getting too. Watch as Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman take a twisted look at showbiz news and bite the Hollywood hand that feeds them. Sometimes, they feel bad and give Hollywood a tetanus shot and some Neosporin, but, even then, they usually just turn around and bite Hollywood’s other hand. They can’t help it. It’s their nature. It’s like that “scorpion and frog” story. But, deep down, they’re just two nice East Coast boys… who happen to have a heavy dependence on drugs and alcohol, respectively.

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