Brigitte is coming to Overwatch

I feel a bit cheap in typing this, because my last two articles on the topic felt that this was going to happen but yes it appears that Brigitte is to be hero 27.

What I was wrong about is that she is not a Defense hero but instead a Support who can kind of Tank, which helps fill a certain gap in the game and will be useful counter to some opponents. If you are unfamiliar with her she is the daughter of Overwatch’s mechanical genius Torbjörn Lindholm and as a child spent many a day in her fathers workshop, showing  much of the prowess that he shows. In an almost counter to her father who specialized in weapons she specializes in armor and defense. This of course came in handy when she began to squire for her Godfather Reinhardt Wilhelm and it looks like she is following in his footsteps.

Fun fact I just learned is that Brigette is Germany’s largest women’s magazine, so I guess this is where her Godfather got her name. Being the daughter of a mechanical genius and one in her own right her abilities revolve around armor. She can throw out repair packs that not only heal allies but temporarily it can boost their armor too. When fighting she uses a high tech flail and a miniature Barrier shield, which lets her perform a shield bash against her opponents. On top of all that Brigitte’s ultimate ability, Rally, gives her a substantial short-term boost of speed and provides long-lasting armor to all her nearby allies.

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