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Going Full Gunter – Part 4 – Dungeons and Dragons

I have covered some of the movies and television shows that any Gunter worth their salt will need to watch, especially if they want a chance to win the ultimate Easter Egg hunt, now I am going to devote this article to one more specific topic and that is Dungeons and Dragons. I have always had a fondness for this game. It was through a now sadly departed friend that I got into it and for that I will always be grateful to him, even if playing the game makes me that little bit sad, it’s still worth it to remember the good times we had in our own make believe world (also if you can read this sorry I wiped our party that one time, total accident and was my fault).

So why am I talking about Dungeons and Dragons?

Well if you have read Ready Player One you will know that its pretty integral to the plot. In fact I would argue that without this game that book would not be possible. In fact without this game a lot of things would not be possible. It was the first game that brought nerds together round a table to talk about the things they loved. With out it we would never have gained cultural juggernauts like Warhammer, Warcraft and of course modern RPG gaming. Countless people including many celebrities such as Joss Whedon, Karl Urban, Matt Groening, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Felicia Day, Stephen Colbert, Anderson Cooper, Deborah Ann Woll and Vin Diesel are all known to have played.

Dungeons and Dragons is one of the most important games of the 20th Centenary and the fact that we are now on its 5th edition in the 21st Centenary is pretty amazing. This game lets us do what ever we want, it lets us do anything and be anything. If you want to be the thief with the heart of gold or the fallen knight sworn to a dark God you can, in D&D your only limitation is you. This thought is both daunting and rewarding, rapping your head around that is the games biggest challenge, but its worth doing.

Beyond being a tabletop game its all been used to create countless video games, books, audio books, a cartoon series and 2 Movies that we wont talk about any time soon. Dungeons and Dragons is a cultural phenomenon and one of the greatest games ever made.I really cannot sell this game to you anymore than I have because if your judging me for naming it then you really don’t understand it.


“You are not entering this world in the usual manner, for you are setting forth to be a Dungeon Master. Certainly there are stout fighters, mighty magic-users, wily thieves, and courageous clerics who will make their mark in the magical lands of D&D adventure. You however, are above even the greatest of these, for as DM you are to become the Shaper of the Cosmos. It is you who will give form and content to the all the universe. You will breathe life into the stillness, giving meaning and purpose to all the actions which are to follow.”
― Gary Gygax


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