Comics/Graphic Novels

JUDAS #3 (OF 4)

Judas has been quite the interesting ride. It has taken us to some serious lows and continues to ask us what of free will? 

If we are all part of God’s plan then surely all the bad we do is ok, right?

How can we go to Hell if we are just following the plan?

What about Jesus, he took all our sins, so he is in Hell right?

As I am a bit late following this one there is going to be some major spoilers.

Jesus is being tortured and made to suffer for all man’s sins, past, present and future. Lucifer continues to taunt him while making an angry Judas watch. Judas who is furious that he to has been dragged into hell. But all that goes away when he see’s the truth. Jesus was not to blame he to was part of the plan just like Judas, Unlike Judas, Jesus was not looking for someone to blame, instead he was taking his suffering and trying to do the best from it, he wanted to save and help people.

Its through this decision that Judas snaps out of his anger and throws himself into Hell’s pit to save his friend. Perhaps this is a pointless task but we shall see in the next issue.

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