Nerdgeist in Japan – Sapporo Snow Festival

Undoubtedly if you have been following us on our social media you will have seen a few posts from the Sapporo Snow Festival. This was one of my highlights from our trip to Japan. This festival has been going since 1950 and owes heavily to the fantastic work by Japans Self Defense Forces.  Stretched out over multiple sites and on several days this festival is a must see for any tourists. With snow and ice sculptures from around the world to fantastic lights displays the atmosphere is far from chilly. Situated right in the heart of the city you can easily take a break to go do some shopping or find somewhere to warm up. During the day you can get a great view of all the exhibits and from afternoon till the evening they have brilliant musical performances. Though the real treat is when the sun goes down and some of the attractions are lit up with beautiful displays of sight and sound. Round this all out with delicious treats, a great selection of booze and more exclusive Hatsune Miku merchandise than you can shake a stick at and you have a fantastic time. If you need something a little more exciting you can go outside the city center and enjoy some amazing snow slides and games. For the tourist looking something a little different this is perfect for you…


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