Nerdgeist in Japan – The Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Exhibiiton

Since 1987 this series has managed to blow the world away with every new entry into the series and though some may not have lived up to the expectations of previous entries the series on a whole has hit far more than missed. Even its less popular entries have each garnered their own devoted followings. The series set the president for how RPG’s should be played, they took us to fantastic worlds and gave us magical highs, while at the same time breaking out hearts with tragic lows. Right up until the 28th of February all those people who are lucky enough to make their way to the FINAL FANTASY 30th ANNIVERSARY EXHIBITION in the Mori Museum near Roppongi Hills, in Tokyo, will be treated to a great exhibit based on this deep and meaningful franchise.

The moment you enter you are met with a little game where you and your the other visitors must defeat Bahamut. Once this is complete, you can enter into the exhibition and begin to see clips, art work and props from the entire series. You see how much the franchise has shaped modern gaming with all its technical innovations and style.

Of course for all thought that goes into these games its really the feelings that help define it. With fantastic plots which gave us great moments like X’s Blitzball Opening, or the final battle in Advent Children to the Touching moments between Tidus and Yuna and of course the death of Aerith Gainsborough, these of course our just a few of the aforementioned highs and lows that the series possesses.

At its core the Final Fantasy series is about humanity and what it is to be human. Of course the games are about skill and determination, because you need both those attributes to make any progress in the games, but at there core each game deals with different aspects of the human condition and that is in where their appeal never ends. It was only through visiting this exhibition that I managed to finally grasp this fact.

Not only will you be treated to some wonderful art but there is a very excellent themed cafe and of course a great gift shop, both seriously worth checking out, especially with all the awesome limited edition merchandise that you can get hold of. I will be posting pics later.

A truly artistic and beautiful trip through a series that is iconic in every way. Not just for gamer’s, even a non gamer could enjoy this exhibit.

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