Pacific Rim Uprising Trailer 2 Break Down

The monsters are back at our door and humanity has rose to the challenge once again with their metallic mecha in this epic sequel to 2013’s Pacific Rim.This time round it looks like someone is building either Jaeger’s or Jaeger/Kaiju hybrids to help summon new more powerful Kaiju that will be used to bring humanity to its knees.Which is an interesting way to keep the plot going, at least they are trying to mix things up for Uprising instead of doing the same crap.

I am glad that they are bringing most of the original cast back, though I would love to have seen Charlie Hunnam return in someway, still this franchise looks to have a lot of fight left in it so I wont feel to depressed over his loss and if they do it right it could possible work better as it leaves them space to develop the new characters.

One of the little details I noticed was the protesters and I am honestly not 100% sure what I am seeing here but it looks like they are anti Jaeger, which would be bizarre since apparently the pilots where back to being rock stars, though part of me wonders if this due to the rogue Jaeger’s that we will see later in the trailer.

This is just a nice little throw back to the previous film

Gotta love the idea of chilling out beside a Giant Kaiju skull

Apparently Uprising now we have smaller one man piloted machines and I am wondering is this one home made because it looks a little crappy compared to the others

This was my first OH-WOW moment from the trailer because it appears that we have a Kaiju / Jaeger hybrid and I am unsure how that will affect the plot.

It appears that the Hybrids can open interdimentional holes to summon other Kaiju to Earth, so who built them and how do they work?

Its nice to see that giving epic speeches runs in the family. But one thing I do not like is the look of the pilot suits in the new film, this time round they just look a little cheaper than in the previous films.

I cannot prove it but I could have sworn that this monster is the combined form of several smaller monsters, which would have been a nice twist of classic Mecha shows where smaller robots combine to defeat a bigger monster.

Did anyone else get a few chills when the Jaeger’s all lined up like this……

I just love the look of this “Evil Jaeger”

In the end this will be a perfect film but it is going to be a fun film and if taken seriously enough it will be very enjoyable and I for one am looking forward to seeing some giant robots kick ass.



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