Everyone Loves The Black Cat Skin

Now, or should I say meow, I’m not a cat person but the new D.Va skin practically purrfect, yes cat jokes I’ve got them covered. Like me the Internet has universally grown to love this new skin, which is saying something since the internet can’t agree on anything. As you can see the Black Cat skin is well named. You may think a cat themed mecha would be stupid but honestly its adorkable and pretty awesome. Once the new years batch of skins are complete I will be saving to unlock this kawaii killer kitten. (Also I am well aware that Kawaii is associated with Japanese culture and Dva is from South Korea but honestly I could not miss up this chance for alliteration)

If you have never played Overwatch before Blizzard, the games creators,  being the crafty buggers that they are routinely release new skins for their characters, they don’t alter the game in any way, and its just a little bit of fun.

As I said earlier the fans have met this skin with universal love, some cosplayer’s have already started crafting costumes based round this skin while plenty of talented artists have been posting some inspired pieces. Simply more proof that Dva is the best!

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