Krypton Looks Like Its Going To Surprise Us

I know the premises of this show has a lot of people put off but I still stand by my original sentiment that this is one of best comic book concept shows currently out there. Unlike other shows its not burdened with massive quantities of lore, yes there is some but lets face it how many people out there know anything about Krypton, other than its the origin world of Superman. This gives it kind of a clean slate and the possibilities are endless, I mean you have two generations worth of stories so there is no need to rush things, in fact when asked about the series David S Goyer had this to say:

“We do roughly have a seven, eight year plan”

So we will have a good long drawn out plot. And it helps show that they are taking this material seriously and instead of doing a superman prequel they can use this story to perhaps create some serious social commentary, perhaps like BattleStar Galactica.  One of the few nuggets of information that we have about Krypton is that it has a very rigid class system and social hierarchy, we know that in some plot lines the babies of this world are grown and not born. We currently do not know how much of this will carry over but we do know that Seg-El (Superman’s Grandfather) is in a forbidden relationship with Lyta Zod (Zod’s ancestor), so perhaps the caste system is still canon.

One of my only concerns for this show was our ability to relate to the characters. Lets face it they are not human and their society would be Alien to us, I guess to alleviate this problem the writers have inserted Adam Strange into Krypton. Adam is a very unusual character even by Comic book standards. He is a normal human who periodically leaves earth via ‘Zeta Beams’ then returns at the end of each story. These traditionally took him to a planet called Rann but this time it has him appearing on Krypton’s past to help warn the House of El and tell them in at least part of the future that they will play in the universe. Adam Strange wont be the only familiar face popping up Viril Dox, one of the Brainiac’s will appear as well, chronologically Viril is the first heroic Brainiac and also one of Adam’s allies so perhaps they will be working together. We are also supposed to be seeing an early Doomsday.

The fact that time travel is involved means that Krypton is not bound by any current timelines and they will be free to chop and change what ever they want.

“It’s almost entirely advantageous,” Goyer says of having this show exist on its own terms. “It is it’s own thing. Because of the time travel aspect, we have a tremendous amount of free reign. And it’s really an untold story.”

An interesting idea they have for this show is that at its beginning the House of El is in ruin, they describe the famous S symbol as a scarlet letter and one of shame. Over the course of the series this will transition from shame to hope and we will see the House of El rise from the ashes.So you have an original story, with great groundwork, the option to maybe tie in with other DC Shows(though they seem to be against that), a few underrated DC characters, the ability to draw on some great social commentary and also a fantastic cast, This looks to be a great idea for a show and one that I will not be hesitating to watch.

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