Why did Ivar take Bishop Headmund as a prisnor?

Warning this article is heavy on the spoilers, so you have been warned

At the end of the latest episode of Vikings Bishop Headmund was defeated and taken prisoner by Ivar. Now Ivar is on his way to to meet king Harald, he has dragged the wrathful Bishop along with him, which begs the question why?

I have 5 theories on this:

  1. To be like his father : Ivar takes pride in being a Son of Ragnar, he wants the Glory, he wants to be a Legend like his father. Unfortunatly Ivar never new and does not understand his father but maybe he think in taking this Bishop he can learn from him, just as his father learned from Athelstan. 
  2. To prove his might to Harald: Harald  is a mighty and respected king, how better to gain a man like this respect than to drag infront of him a mighty foe and show off your strength. 
  3. To prove the might of his gods: In a brief exchange Between Headmund and Ivar they discuss their gods and perhaps Ivar dragged him to Norway so that he might prove the might of the All Father over the Holy father. 
  4. He see’s in him a kindred spirit: Ivar seems to respect Headmund he see’s him as a worthy opponent someone that deserves a warriors death, maybe Ivar hopes in this man he has an equal and is not ready to let him go just yet. 
  5. Because he is a dick: My final reason is simple, maybe Ivar just likes the idea of messing with his Christian prisoner. Personally I hope that they develop a twisted version of Ragnar and Aeathelstan’s relationship which will lead to the eventual downfall of one at the hands of the other.

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