What is the possible future for Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Clint Barton is possibly one of the most underrated Avengers. He is the only member of the team to be able to compartmentalise his life as a hero and his life as a family man. Hawkeye is the everyman, the guy we can all relate to. Being the average Joe makes him cool as fuck, not only that but he uses a bow and arrow, this will never stop being cool, knowing all this we need to ask ourselves why has Hawkeye never had a solo film? Maybe it’s his lack of big screen appeal, but I am thinking this would be a waste of his talents, after all this is a man with a particular set of skills, why would you want to watch a two hour slugfest when maybe instead we could get 3 short mini series dedicated to the avenging archer?

Most underrated Avenger !

Why do I think this would work?

Well Clint is just really likeable and most of that is due to Jeremy Renner’s strong performance, mix this with a world of espionage which does not require the big budget Hollywood sets, you could create a really tidy series that lets Renner do what he does best. In my mind I see this as a possible three part saga split into three one hour episodes each.

Part 1 – Man on a mission

I would envision this as a homage to Taken, either his child or wife is kidnapped by a group, later revealed to be Zodiac, leading Clint on a desperate race against time maybe through South America leading him to the fictional nation of Bagalia where he uses a few old contacts from his Shield days or maybe receives support from Agents of Shield characters Phil Coulson and Agent May, which would further help tie the Marvel universe together. In the end Clint would come face to face with the leader of Zodiac finding out it was none other than his thought to be dead brother. Originally Zodiac’s leader should have been Nick Fury’s brother but I feel in this case it just works for what the series needs.

The Zodiac would be the perfect enemy for him to face

Part 2 – A family affair

Clint’s long thought dead brother could be a great villain, if they toned him down.

In the second part of the series we would see a victorious Hawkeye search for his brother and try to take down Zodiac. Wanting to keep it low key and still on the run he assembles his own team maybe including Shuri – the second Black Panther, whom he would have met in Wakanda, Eric Koeing (An aged ex Cold War spy whom he could have met in Bialia), Clay Quartermen and Sharon Carter – both of Shield Allies could join him. In the end seeing his inevitable defeat his brother could turn himself into the unstable Protocide. In a last ditch effort we find out that an earlier package Clint received was a gift from Ant Man giving Clint the ability to grow big one time only, letting him defeat his brother and destroy Zodiac once and for all.

Mixing more characters together we could have Hawkeyes Brother become Protocide in an effort to kill his rival

Part 3 – The Ronin

This final adventure would see Hawkeye take on the role of Ronin as he trains Kate to take his place.

During our previous instalment we find out that Hawkeye saved a teenage girl called Kate Bishop from a group of Zodiac, she was perhaps peace corps who ended up being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or with her family, either way she ends up being tormented by her captors, she would now live with Clint and his family where he eventually trains her and they go out after the man who hurt her, later finding out that he survived the destruction of Zodiac. In this part of the series Clint would take on the role of Ronin and physically be drained after using the growth particle.

This would see the dawn of a new Hawkeye in the form of Kate Bishop

It’s an unlikely affair but if Marvel went ahead with my plans I will accept a cameo as payment. Either in the form of a villainous weapons dealer or his wife’s secret lover, or possibly his, hey I’m not picky.

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