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Green Arrow #10 Comic Book Review

Everyone loves a great train heist story, well at least I do. So when I get to see the Green Arrow take take part in what appears to be drug smuggling, an assassination attempt and possibly a heist all at once on a  an underwater/underground train between Shanghai and Seattle well count me in. We find out heroes in a dangerous situation as they are outmanned, outgunned and outmaneuvered, their backs are really against the wall on this one.


Ollie continues to struggle with his family’s legacy as he strives to be the hero he needs to be, not the one his city needs, but the one he needs. While this is going on Diggle is having a tough time sorting his feelings out for Ollie and it seems that only Black Canary is making any real head way.


It’s a high octane thrill ride in the same vain as Die Hard, but with super heroes and on a train, like Under Siege 2 but a million times better. With some gorgeous art work and great characters this series is really ramping up the action and with each issue I can hardly wait until the next. I know that this has been a short review but I fear if I say too much it will ruin your experience.


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