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Broken World-A Graphic Novel Review

Broken World is a unique tale that is quite unlike anything else I have read this year. With a massive meteorite heading towards Earth, one so big it could cause an extinction level event the human species has banded together and a found a way off world. The world’s governments have built giant ships that will be using the asteroid’s own force to help us flee Earth. The only problem is not everyone is getting off, for some such as radical religious groups the asteroid is divine judgement and for that they will choose to stay and for others the choice has been forced upon them. One of the unfortunates to be left behind is our protagonist Elena Marlowe. Even though most of Elena’s family have been approved for escape, due to her past she has been forced to stay, the one problem is she is not willing to be separated from her family and is going to do anything to escape this doomed world with them.


This is a great story and it has a very unique premise. I know we have read end of the world survival arc stories before but nothing quite like this, here we see the left behind and how they choose to survive, to fight or die and that’s truly fascinating because we kind of know what’s going to happen if you left Earth, that’s been done before, here on the other hand we see our species brought to its knees and forced to flee. With the stage set for an explosive climax Elena will have to perform a miracle to survive but will she or won’t she? This mini series is going definitely a must read and I can guarantee you that.

BrokenWord_TP_PRESS-17As for its art, my hat is off to Christopher Peterson as his work is amazing, it’s like a somber reality which could explode at any moment. It’s simple yet beautiful and it’s truly a wonderful joy to even just thumb through, if that was possible because his art will just pull you right in. At no point does he amp it up as instead he chooses to either tone things down or keep it as real as possible and the real bit is important because this is not a superhero story this is the story of a real woman. BrokenWord_TP_PRESS-16

All and all this was a fantastic read and I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I did.


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