Bone Tomahawk (2015) Film Review


There is something about the old west being on the frontier and facing the unknown… I’m trying to find an eloquent way of saying this but like author John Green. I have to say this ‘being a cowboy would be cool’, there I said it, one of my dumbest quotes but cowboy = cool simple as that. I am someone who grew up watching westerns with my father, film including classics such as Shane, True Grit, Rio Bravo, Cool Hand Luke, The Good The Bad and The Ugly, The Searchers,Quick and the Dead and Young Guns. The western is an over looked genre but I can see why looking through the rose tinted glass it has many appealing aspects and yet at the same time it was not the best time in human history. Maybe this is why I enjoyed Bone Tomahawk as much as I did, it captures the nostalgia of the time while looking at some of its more negative aspects. It’s a great story with some well timed dark comedy, a few shocking scenes and some of the best acting of the 2010’s, this film was a real treat and I loved every minute of it. At one point during the screening, one women did run out of the screen to throw up during the movie so maybe you may want to leave this one untill before you eat.

Bone Tomahawk 2015 american western horror about Four men set out in the Wild West to rescue a group of captives from cannibalistic cave dwellers

As films go this is a slow paced film. It’s not a rushed job, it’s a film that you’re going to want to sit down and chill out. When I say it’s slow paced the film itself does not feel that way, you know i’ts slow but you want to be there with the cast taking your time and taking in everything that they do and see. As the tension builds to its inevitable climax you will be drawn in the whole time.


As casting goes, this film has an amazing and impressive cast. Kurt Russell takes the role of Sheriff Franklin Hunt, what more can I say this has to be one of Kurt’s greatest performances as he is stoic, calm, charming and a little bit cheeky, the whole way through the picture he comes across as the kind of leader you’d follow into the gates of hell or just the guy you’d want to have a few drinks with.


If the Sheriff is the ideal leader then Richard Jenkins as Chicory is the friend you wish you had, he is loyal to a fault but filled with great comedic timing, this is the performance of a life time for Richard Jenkins, I could not even recognize him, he manages to make this weak annoying character turn into a loyal man by the end of the picture and it’s an impressive feat for any actor.


Now if you’re looking for a cool mother fucker then look no further than Matthew Fox as John Brooder, he is one player in his white suits and guns, his awesome kit and that mustache. It was a weird role for him because I am to used to seeing him play the nice guy but here Matthew Fox is being one bad ass mother fucker and he was brilliant at it.


The major driving force for this picture was Patrick Wilson as Arthur O’Dwyer and Lili Simmons as Samantha O’Dwyer they are so sweet together but in a very subtle way and it’s nice to see them in these roles, Wilson and Simmons are both very underrated actors and need much more credit for the work they do.


Though the biggest surprise for me was David Arquette as Purvis, I was just shocked to see him back on the big screen and being an amazing actor, maybe this is his time to shine, hopefully he will prove me right.

It’s hard to think that this film took 21 days to film but it was beautifully filmed, in Malibu at the Paramount Ranch. The scenery goes from the visually stunning to haunting very subtly but it’s incredably beautiful and adds so much to the picture, with the silence and stillness it provides the picture with.


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