The Captive heart (1946) Re-release Film Review


When we think back to the 1940’s in the golden age of Hollywood, it’s easy to remember some of the greats like It’s a Wonderful Life or Citizen Kane that we tend to forget there where hundreds of other films released during that decade. The Captive heart is one such film, one that nearly fell through the cracks but was fortunately re-released by Studio Canal. Set in 1940, a concentration-camp escapee assumes the identity of a dead British officer, only to become a prisoner of war. A film that was released only a year after world war 2 finished the war would have been fresh in the hearts and minds of its viewers. This film is a very powerful piece with some great performances.


It’s a film that will make you think and it’s one that deals with a very uncomfortable topic. It’s not a perfect rendition, probably due to its time, it would still be many years before the full horrors of these camps became known to the general public. However it’s a beautifully rendered film that brings so much together and with some very strong performances this will be a movie worth seeing, especially for all the world war 2 film fans out there.

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