MCM Belfast Comic Con 2015 Review

Is there any better way to spend free comic book day than at a comic book convention? It’s the first Saturday of May and MCM decided to descend upon Belfast and show us all a good time. What can I say MCM? The crowds spoke and you listened as last year’s con was a little rough; guests were not the best, layout was messy and the queues were crazy.


This year things were better all round, with the talented actor John Nobel, the awesome voice actress Hynden Walch, the always fantastic actor Danny John Jules and the absolutely lovely actress Katrina Law.


MCM have truly out done themselves. Complimenting all this MCM gave us a brand new layout and more staff to cut down on queue times, not only that but the staff were so helpful, the only long queue I faced was in picking up a photo and that was because they were touching up everyone’s pictures, so everyone went home happy.

As it’s free comic book day I feel talking about comics is only appropriate. As usual MCM has done a fantastic job at displaying some fantastic talent from the 4 corners of the British Isles including talented artists and producers we have interviewed in the past such as Steve Penfold from Beyond the Bunker, Ann Harrison from Bunsen Bunnies, Swansea Comics Collective and TPub. Beyond this there was plenty of new talent that we look forward to showing you soon.

There was no shortage of exhibitor’s including my old favourite Replay, guys if you’re in Bangor Northern Ireland then visit them. They are an awesome wee shop.


Tokyo Toys were back too with a fantastic selection of anime related memorabilia, my wallet took quite the hit and my inner child pretty much ran wild.


Big shout out to The Amazing Cake Company, last year we stuffed our faces on your delicious treats and this year was no different, diet totally starts on Monday, thanks guys !



Another great display was by CeX with free chocolates and an awesome stall.


Cex also had a competition at their stall where attendees could take their photo with their octopus for a chance to win £250. Here was our entry.


Beyond these shops there was also a few classic movie cars such as The General Lee and Delorean, which made for some outrageous photo opportunities.


With E-Sports starting to be taken seriously, to the point where VICE has created a documentary on it and ESPN2 has begun showing it, E-Sports have started to become a thing, in the western world. MCM is really starting to bring this to a mass audience, yes plenty of conventions do this but the major difference is that MCM is a major outlet. It’s mainstream and it’s helping change people’s views on E-Sports. Beyond that there was so much classic gaming including what looked like Tekken 1 or 2, OMG I wanted to play but the queue was too long. Alas maybe such things are best left in the past where disappointment won’t ever haunt me. Maybe video games ain’t your style but there was still plenty of card gaming too, that card gaming bug came back to haunt me but I stayed strong and resisted temptation, go me!

As much as I loved the swag, the comics and the company the guests were a real treat for me. Everyone was so humble and nice in their own special and unique way. Danny is an old Nerdgeist favourite and is just a real treat to speak to, he is down to earth and really genuine. With Hynden it was so trippy, just hearing her voice brings you back to Teen Titans and Adventure Time, some very good memories for me. The biggest surprises for me had to be Katrina Law and John Nobel. Both were so charming. If you were to see Katrina in the street you’d quickly notice she is absolutely stunning, but not one bit of that has gone to her head, so unlike her character from Arrow, she’s warm, friendly, engaging and down to earth.


From Katrina’s talk we managed to catch quite an interesting glimpse into her mindset and that of the cast of Arrow, they better have her back next season or a lot of hearts will be broken. She ran her panel in a very relaxed and informal way and was very patient with every one of her fans, even her photo shoot ran the same way, if you get a chance go meet her you won’t be disappointed.

You can check out our interview with Katrina Law here.

Katrina (1024x680)


Now onto John Noble, noble is a good way to describe this man. He was so humble and polite, honoring both Andrew Lesnie and Leonard Nimoy in his talk, both who have sadly left this world recently. Not only did John maintain a lot of respect for his fans and for people in general, he comes off as a patient person and someone you could spend hours listening to, he was a real delight and I really hope we get a chance to see him again soon.


If you’re going tomorrow maybe bring a light snack, there is food on offer but not much, though who needs food when you can go to The Amazing Cake Company, so yeah it’s a total win with their delicious cupcakes.


Toilets were kept in good condition, there’s buses and trains near by, plenty of good people to talk too and Guinness, so seriously what more can you ask for? Even Batman wanted a drink of the black stuff.


Yes, this is probably the only convention to have a fully licensed Guinness bar, where else but Belfast, Northern Ireland. Why not relax and unwind with a pint of Guinness after a long day at the convention.


For more information about MCM Belfast Comic Con visit and to purchase tickets visit

Tickets are also available for purchase at the door. £12 before 11am, £10 after that. Kids aged 10 & under go free from 11am onwards with a paying adult.

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of the show guide at Belfast MCM Comic Con, you can also view it online here.


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  1. I’ve never been to any ComicCon but this one sounded great. Really need to go but I’m afraid I’d just come home having spent far too much money on stuff I love but can’t justify owning!


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