Daredevil (2015) Netflix Series – A Review of Episodes Four – Six *May, or may not, contain Spoilers


Well I’m back, fellow Daredevil fans, for a follow up to my previous article, which looked at Episodes One- Three of the Daredevil series. I’m going to continue as I started and reflect back on another three episodes, these being episodes three to six. If you look back at the previous article I admitted that I was not holding out high hopes for the series. Thus far, I had been a little underwhelmed with a number of comic to TV series and, it goes without saying, a little horrified at the last Daredevil to screen attempt.

By the end of the first three episodes, however, I was fork deep in humble pie. It took all my strength not to burn the midnight oil and let the next three episodes, if not the series, run their course. However I persevered, if only for the fact that I want to draw out this series as much as possible. So yes, unlike my first sitting, this time round I felt that Netflix couldn’t load quickly enough as I keenly awaited my second binge in this series.

In the third episode the characters life’s seem to become more intertwined as key characters begin to interact with each other. In a true, ‘edge of your seat’ style, none of them know each other’s significance and thus, it goes without saying that at some point, something has got to give and, early into episode three, it does.


I’m not one for giving away major plot points in my reviews, but I will say that one of the factions within the gangs of Hell’s Kitchen acquires a key player in Daredevil’s life and, as a result, come face to face with Daredevil’s, justified, rage. The result is probably one of the best fight sequences to date, giving one hell of a demonstration of his full potential. So yes, at this point, its needless to say, my nerd meter is at full capacity.


I’m sure many of you would agree that between episodes one to three they might have formed an entirely different opinion of Kingpin than the character you may have come to know from the comics. Personally, I have found him to be a softly spoken, culture loving and idealistic man. Maybe he did have dreams of a better future and maybe I didn’t really understand him and, *car door scene ensues*… Nope, never mind. I was right. Fisk be crazy…

So that epiphany over with, things really begin to unfold and the war in Hell’s Kitchen really begins to take off. Over the next couple of episodes the mistrust and uncertainties between a number of characters mount and the tension is palpable. It only takes one lie from Fisk’s, famed, right hand man to almost bring both Hell’s Kitchen and Daredevil to their knees. Characters are out for each other’s blood, corruption is rife and an all out battle for the seat at the head of Hell’s Kitchen begins.


I’m going to leave it there for now, readers, lest I get too excited and give too much away. Much like the first few episodes, I am overwhelmed as to how they have managed to resurrect, if not completely renew the character of Daredevil. Each episode is both as dark and unpredictable as the latter and all characters are truly on point. So yes, the stage is well and truly set for all out war, and all that remains is to see is who will be it’s victor or will Daredevil be able to stop the fire spreading throughout his city?

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