Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens (2015) Teaser Trailer #2 Review


I won’t lie I’ve watched the Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens teaser trailer 2 several times this week and I might have peed myself a little. Unlike the first teaser trailer we finally get a feeling for what this film will be like. I am going to deviate a little here as I think a lot of people were disappointed with some of the recent additions to the franchise because they came off as a little childish, not just this but also other reboots or additions to long running franchises. It could be Hollywood making money grabs or maybe it’s because this is something from our childhood and we feel like we have ownership on it. The sad fact is on some level we do, but in reality we really don’t, Star Wars like so many franchises are for everyone that includes kids, after all that’s when we learned to love it and it needs the kids liking it to keep it going. Now saying that J.J.Abrahms has gotten this right in the past, he knows you can make a film for everyone and you don’t need to dumb it down, he knows kids are not as stupid as some studios think. So the new Star Wars look’s like it’s going to be a total success.


From the moment you see the shot on the desert planet, which has not been confirmed as Tatooine, you feel this sense of awe that can only be brought about by John Williams’s excellent film score. The landscape just looks fantastic with the crashed Star Destroyer and X-Wing, followed by a throw back with a quick shot of Darth Vader’s burnt helmet (I’m assuming the villain has this either or Luke and Leia are very morbid).


With the great voice over, that’s a throwback to episode 6, showing R2 and seeing what I assume is Luke with a less fleshy hand, shivers where totally going up my spine at this point, even seeing a brief shot of one of the classic lightsabres, the shivers continue. Out with the old and in with the new, you cut to a quick shot of the X-wings flying over a river, I know we have seen X-wings before but this time its planet side and we get to see them do some aerial combat, it’s fast paced, even in this brief shot I can’t wait for the full thing. Don’t get me wrong the old space battles where awesome, for their time, but with the new technology that we have access to you can’t deny that this scene is going to be out of this world.


A quick flash of the new villain and new light sabre, to two of our stars running with what could be a Tuskan raider staff and finally a quick shot of our supposed villain, this time it’s a clear shot and he, I assume it’s a he, has a look that heavily reminds me of Darth Revan from Knights of the Old Republic. A nice touch by the designers if they were going for that, anyway fan boys everywhere just had a nerdgasm.


With new henchmen, in the form of the Empire, a phoenix rising from the ashes, these guys are down but not out. The new uniforms are a little sleeker and the new look is definitely working for me; this is my brief fashionista moment. Followed by a quick shot of a Tie Fighter bay being annihilated, some cast members and then the magnificent chrome Stormtrooper, we don’t know what makes this guy so bad ass, but he walks with confidence and looks like he means business.

maxresdefault (3)

The cherry on top is the final scene with the Millennium Falcon being chased by a Tie Fighter into the exhaust of a Star Destroyer, even getting a little damage on top just like in Return of the Jedi, as cool as that was it’s nothing compared to the ageless Chewbacca and a aged Han Solo just finishing the trailer off in style. So Disney stop releasing teasers and show us a proper trailer!

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