Is Preo the future of hospitality?


One of the start-up companies heading to Dublin for the Web Summit taking place from 4th-6th November is the American founded Preo. They will be pitching their innovative idea to potential investors as part of the PITCH, which is presented by the Coca-Cola Company.


We have all been there, waiting at the bar trying to get the bartender’s attention to take your drink order among a sea of other people trying to do the exact same thing. Eventually you give up or waste time waiting to order or even to get cash especially if you only have your credit card. Before you even head to the bar to meet your friends or colleagues you probably end up queuing at the nearest ATM, but what if there was an app that could solve all these problems. Richard Liang and Robert Estelle came up with the solution and that solution is Preo.



The goal at Preo is to create a streamlined experience for both guests and venues. With Preo customers can order their drinks and food at their own pace and can prepay with PayPal or any major credit card.


We no longer have to worry that our orders will be wrong or worrying if we have enough cash on hand to foot the bill. It’s not just the customers who benefit, by eliminating trips to the POS, bartenders and waiters can spend more time serving and less time processing. As customers we will be provided with a quicker and efficient service and if a business can serve more guests then more money and tips can be made.


You simply download the Preo app, order and pay then show your order number to the bartender, waiter or sales assistant and they will match it to your order when it’s ready. The biggest advantage for businesses is that Preo doesn’t require any staff training as there is no changes to the current process. They already know how to pull a ticket with the order, make the drinks and the food, the only thing different is that they don’t need to make trips to the POS and process any bills.


There will no longer be a need to miss the trailers or the beginning of a film at the cinema when you can have your order ready for you to pick up at the concession counter on your way to your cinema screen. Preo means you will never miss your favourite songs performed live at a concert or when the team you support scores a goal. Not sure what you want yet? With the Preo app you can browse the drinks and food menus at your favourite bars, clubs, restaurants, stadiums and concert halls. When I go out to eat the worst part is waiting for the bill after finishing my meal, I could be waiting for 10 mins or more. Imagine being able to walk into a restaurant and being able to order and pay without having to wait in line.


Businesses interested in investing the Preo system into their venues will be provided with the Preo Package. The Preo Package was created to help provide their venue partners with everything they need to get started and to offer ongoing support, the package includes:
  • Receipt Printer
  • Wireless Router
  • Real-Time Promotions
  • Free App for Guests
  • Web-Based Management
  • 24 Hour Support

Preo has the potential to be a worldwide success and reach millions of consumers to download their app. The Web Summit and the PITCH will hopefully provide the exposure and investors they need to expand Preo beyond America. I personally cannot wait for the day when this will app will be become readily available and accepted at all major UK and Ireland venues. The future of hospitality looks promising thanks to Preo.


Preo is available to download at App Store for the iPhone and Google Play for the Android phones.



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