Titancon 2014 Panel Review

For all the people out there who know me or at least claim to know me you will understand that I am a sucker for panels, they are my favourite part of a convention and oddly enough it was an accidental discovery. I used to be someone who hated being in front of a camera so at conventions I would never get as many pictures with the guests as some people. Shying away I would often try and find anything to keep me busy, sitting in the hotel room seemed like a waste of time and walking about only leads to spending money so I often find myself sitting at a panel and at the bar, the very rare exception I always have a great time.


Panel’s let you see into a world that you wouldn’t normally be part of; they give you a chance to see what the stars of your favourite show do in their spare time on set, or even how the sets run. More than that they give you a better understanding of how things work, so as follows is my brief run down on my favourite panels from this year’s Titancon.

Don’t mind the furniture-The writer’s panel

 Pat Cadigan

Adrian Tchaikovsky

Peadar Ó Guilín

Debbie (DJ) McCune

Laurence Donaghy

Ken Gregory

This was a panel of talented writers including local authors, this was a master class in how to be a writer, or in my case how to be a better writer. Every one of these men and women are talented. They aren’t just published but we have several award winners in the mix.


Peadar Ó Guilín, Debbie (DJ) McCune, Pat Cadigan and Adrian Tchaikovsky.

This panel let you see inside the heads of artists, it’s a jumbled up and scary place but it’s definitely fascinating. The talk proved one very important point, there is no wrong way to write, everyone had their own particular style and all had the same outcome, which was producing some fantastic pieces of fiction. You had fantasy, sci-fi, mystery and horror; if you’re not a fan of any of this material well then you’re probably dead inside.


Peadar Ó Guilín, Debbie (DJ) McCune, Pat Cadigan and Adrian Tchaikovsky.

Pat Cadigan was a definite highlight, she openly spoke about her more than average life and like many of the writers was more than happy to share where they drew their ideas from and how they use their experiences to create these fantastic worlds.


Other highlights from this had to be Ken Gregory; if you haven’t read his book Polaris Whisper then check out it here, you won’t be disappointed.

Game of Thrones panels including season 4 in review and justice (Warning: Spoilers)

Kerry Ingram ~ Shireen Baratheon

Eugene Simon ~ Lancel Lannister

Ian Beattie ~ Ser Meryn Trant

Aimee Richardson ~ Myrcella Baratheon

Co-Author of the World of Ice and Fire with GRRM: Elio M Garcia Jr

Eugene and Ian

Eugene and Ian






Peadar, Elio, Kerry and Eugene.

This one was a great concept, not only did you have some of the cast members but also Elio who more than anything is the ultimate fan boy. He has made a career out of being a fan. Everyone was able to give their perspectives on the show and let’s face it who would have a better perspective than the actors who play the characters. You need to remember that these actors have embodied the character, they have lived as someone from Westeros, so it gives this unusual perspective that people don’t normally get. Not to mention lots of behind the scenes gossip like how actor Liam Cunningham is so dedicated to his craft he will end up swearing if he messes a line up, though I should mention he is apparently lovely to his fans and fellow actors. Or how Charles Dance is just as intimidating off screen as he is on and how lovely actress Diana Rigg is (Turns out Ian Beattie was more than a little smitten with her and can we blame him? She is the quintessential 1960s sex symbol). Final note turns out Peter Dinklage is just awesome but come on everyone already knew that.


Eugene and Ian.

I mentioned earlier that Elio was on the panel; his addition to this panel gave us a more in-depth view of how the readers feel about the series. He is a true fan in that even if he does not like some of the changes he understands they need to be made. A good example would be Tywin’s death, they left out Tyrion’s nice one liner from the books, where he thinks to himself about how his father doesn’t actually sh*t gold, Elio mentions that had Tyrion said this line it would have probably ruined the scene.

Family Feud

This is one I really couldn’t believe, the Game of Thrones panel going up against some of the writers GAME SHOW STYLE. Also Peadar playing the role of lovely assistant to drapes department member Emma Andrews as the host. This was laugh out loud comedy. Words cannot do this justice; I think our pictures capture it better.



Ian, Eugene, Aimee, Kerry, Elio and Peadar.



Ian, Eugene, Aimee, Kerry and Elio.



Pat Cadigan, Adrian Tchaikovsky,Debbie (DJ) McCune and Laurence Donaghy.

As great as all these guests where everything went so well because of one man, Peadar Ó Guilín, acting as a sort of master of ceremonies Peadar is defiantly one of the best hosts I have ever seen at a convention. He never misses a beat, he is funny and he gets the crowd, if you get a chance to meet him I say take it.


Peadar Ó Guilín

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