Olympus has Fallen (2013) Film Review

I have long been missing the classic action film. The Die Hard’s and Rambo’s (original films) we don’t get many, in fact most action movies that come out are rather disappointing, often cool but still sub power  This morning we went to see Olympus has Fallen, my hopes where low. The reality was that it was an awesome movie. It had the right mix of everything a good action movie needs.

  1. A man’s man
  2. An ominous villain, you don’t instantly know what they want.
  3. Explosions
  4. The fact that anyone can die (more realistic and makes you pay a little more attention)
  5. Some character development (Doesn’t need to be a lot just enough to set the tone)
  6. A hell of a lot of generic bad guys to be shot
  7. And finally a few good one liners for the audience to chuckle at.

Olympus has Fallen had all of that, plus some classic Morgan Freeman dialogue.  If I ever bored of him speaking may god strike me down) and Hollywood’s greatest chin Aaron Eckhart. Gerard Butler back to kicking ass and lots of it. The film is fun old school action bad guys win a little, good guys win a lot.

OK, so there will be a little bit of the go America Factor, if you’re not American put your prejudice aside and just look at things going boom. Don’t judge it as another terrible action film just go in relax and enjoy the show.


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