Oblivion (2013) Film Review

Sometimes you need to take a hard look in the mirror and admit something to yourself, something saying out loud may for ever change you, a secret some might find vulgar or repulsive  a secret you might find embarrassing. Its been a few days since the thought came in my head, I have grappled with it for about a week and here it is.

I like the latest Tom Cruise movie….

I know he gets a lot of flack over his past behaviors but lets face it the man has done some pretty kick as films.

  1. Top Gun
  2. Taps
  3. Legend
  4. Risky Business
  5. Mission Impossible
  6. Jerry Maguire

And lets not forget his cameo in Tropic Thunder or his singing in Rock Of Ages.

The fact that he is taking himself less seriously in recent years as well as his loyalty to his fans has made me come back to him time and time again.

So here we have Tom as one of the last human’s left on Earth after an Alien invasion. His mission is to act as a clean up crew for what’s left of Earth. The film defiantly reminded me of classic sci fi like Blade Runner and Planet of the Apes. On the other hand I found that the sound track, costumes and weapons all reminded of the Mass Effect series, so aesthetically  the film appeals to old school and new school, I won’t go into the plot to much all I will say is its a good watch with a nice flow and great sets.

Another positive is you get more Morgan Freeman dialogue and you all know I love that so a few extra points in the bag.  Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of solice),Andrea Riseborough (shadow dancer),  and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (JAMIE F*CKING LANNISTER) all play supporting roles and I’m a huge fan of all 3. So its a tight cast to boot, definitely worth a watch.


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