Does Nintendo Hate Their Fans?

So Nintendo has shut down one of their biggest fan-made events, The Smash World Tour.

So what is The Smash World Tour?

The Tour is an international set of community events based around the Smash Bros series that culminate with the regional winners and last year’s qualifiers coming together IRL to battle it out “mono e mono” to see who is the best of the best. And with this year’s final merely days away it seems as if the event, as well as all of next year’s tournament has been cancelled.

I know plenty of you will be thinking that this is not much of a big deal, but it is. Especially with the amount of money up for grabs. Have a look at the prizes below and you will see how big this tournament is.

So why was it cancelled?

Well early reports seem like Nintendo, the creators and owners of Smash Bros, are to blame. And there is precedent for this because in the past they have come down on event organisers and Youtubers for using their products before, in a way that other publishers wouldn’t even consider.

What we do know is that Nintendo and Smash World Tour had been in talks, but all of a sudden out of nowhere Smash World Tour received a notice to halt operations. Though Nintendo are the ones who sent the notice there are some pointing the proverbial fingers at Panda Global, who are the official licensed organisers of Smash Tournaments and therefore Smash World Tours major competitors.

Rumour has it that Panda allegedly pushed Nintendo to do this, probably so they could get more of the spotlight.

Legally this is all above board, but personally it does seem like Nintendo is once again insulting their long time fans, and that just is not right. In response boycotts have already been called all across the Smash Community and this might hurt Panda Global quite a lot.

Hopefully all this can be sorted out soon.

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