Dog Soldiers is Getting a 4K Rerelease

I think we can all agree that Vampires have always been popular, even before Twilight people adored those bloodsuckers. Well most people I think I was one of those rare exceptions because I always preferred Werewolves. As a kid I remember endlessly reading books on them, I was obsessed, and from knowing that it is easy to see why back in 2002 I dragged my then girlfriend to see Dog Soldiers. A film I found so mesmerising that I flat out refused to make out with her while it was on screen. So at this point you may be asking yourselves, David why are you talking to me about a twenty year old movie?

Well I bring this up, because Dog Soldiers is getting a Limited Edition 4k release, which will be due out on the 22nd of August 2022.

Now if you have never seen the movie let me fill you in. In short Dog Soldiers see’s a routine military exercise in the Scottish Highlands go wrong when the soldiers are forced to fend off a pack of ravenous WEREWOLVES!!!

When Dog Soldiers first came out its special effects where hailed as brilliant, especially for the films relatively small budget and interestingly enough many of them still hold up. Though for this rerelease Second Sight Films pushed it back by one year as they went back and got the original negatives and  fx shots were interposed. All this has gained the approval of both the original director of photography and the films director Neil Marshall. Neil Marshall who has not only directed episodes of Game of Thrones, West World, Timeless and Lost in Space but was also the mind behind one of my all time favourite films, The Descent. And Dog Soldiers is his first time Directing, if you like your horror to be a lot of fun then this is going to be for you.

Not only did this tale come from a master story teller but it also has a fantastic cast. First off we have Sean Pertwee who many will know from Event Horizon, Elementary and as the best role in Gotham Alfred Pennyworth. Then we have Kevin McKidd who has roles in the legendary Trainspotting and the well known Greys Anatomy and finally one of my all time favourite actors Liam Cunningham is also in this piece. Liam who many of you will know from the fantastic Hunger, Harry Brown, Doctor Who and a little know show by the name of Game of Thrones. 

So we have a stacked cast, original plot and awesome effects, what more do you want?

Well this rerelease comes packed with lots of extra goodies…

  • A new archived audio commentary from Neil Marshall

  • A 40 minute interview with Neil

  • A history of Lycanthropy in cinema

  • A video essay on Werewolf folklore

  • A behind the scenes making of

  • A short film by Neil Marshall

  • Deleted scenes

  • Gag Reel

  • Trailers

  • New rigid Case

  • 108 page book 

  • Art Cards

  • And so much more…

They really do not make movies like Dog Soldiers. Yes it can be grewsome and bloody, but the film never stops being exciting and has its own unique charm to it. Autumn is almost upon us and I think this would be the perfect way to kick off those darker evenings. I know you will all love it as much as I do. 




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