Is Disney Planning Something For Jessica Jones

Ever since Charlie Cox popped up in Spider-Man No Way Home fans of the often forgotten Netflix Marvel series have been hoping for more.

And it seems like Jessica Jones may be next for a possible revival. The series followed superpowered private investigator Jessica Jones as she was forced to confront some truly dark villains.

It was a show that never really held back and its first season was done of the best television I have ever seen. Unfortunately from season two onwards the series kind if lost it. Which is unfortunate because it had an amazing cast and a real unique feel.

But it seems like Disney are planning something. On the Disney+ app when you go to the show they have changed the title card to say: AKA Jessica Jones.

Now maybe this speculation, but apparently Kevin Feige was a fan of Kirsten Ritter in the series, so fingers crossed this is the start of something great.

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