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The Drew & Look Podcast: The Lost Light – A Socio Sci-Fi Magnum Opus feat. Transformers

It is 2022 and Andy Luke has kicked the year off with a bang, for the first podcast of the year he is dedicating it entirely to The Transformers: Lost Light. The Transformers: Lost Light focuses on Rodimus, the main character from the original Transformers movie, and his crew attempting to find the Knights of Cybertron. After having been stranded on Necroworld by Getaway, the crew of the Lost Light attempt to return to Cybertron to gain access to another ship, only to realize that they’ve been transported into an alternate universe. Though the series is so much more than that and goes so much further than this, in fact, one might say that the series is more than meets the eye. Trust me when I say this, Transformers: Lost Light is Transformers for people who think that Transformers is just for kids.

From my knowledge of this series, it is incredibly easy to see why Andy was drawn to it. First off it the series has a great ensemble cast of characters, much like Andy’s own work – Occupied. And it deals with the aftermath of war, and what happens after people find peace. Like myself, Andy is from Belfast and I find many of us either consciously or unconsciously can find ourselves drawn to stories set in the aftermath of conflicts. Now I am not saying that is his reason for this, but if anything it is part of the appeal for me. Anyway, I am getting sidetracked, what I am tryi9ng to say is this series has layers and it is more than a one-dimensional story about giant space robots beating the crap out of each other.

Lost Light would go forward to look at Religion, regret, and the things that we all do survive. The series even delves into previously unheard-of territory for Transformers and would eventually lead to the first conically gay couple – if robots can be gay…

But where one page might have you asking deep extensional questions, the next could have you in fits of laughter and leave you with a huge smile. This is a series that wants to keep its readers on their toes and that is why it is universally loved and I do not think there is a Transformers fan out there who has read it and hates it. 

But I am rambling when you all should be listening. Andy as always does a wonderful job bringing this Podcast to life, filled with great guests, some fantastic tunes, and plenty of passion and wit. I am sure you will love this one. And if that has not convinced you, wait till he tells you about Megatrons redemption arc, 

Check out the Podcast here.

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